Fixing Doom Eternal's "No Physical Devices Found" Error. Well, not really.

What do you mean no GFX cards found? I have two!

DDG being too clever for its own good

DDG thought it was being helpful. It was not.

Infinite scroll is bad

Just another annoying "feature" that nobody asked for nor wanted.

How not to write an CI/CD build pipeline

Not making it an infinite loop should probably be a bare minimum requirement.


Remember, logs are your friend.

Fixing the WP All Import caching issue with a quick hack

Be gone! Annoying little bug.

How to install/use Hugo in WSL (Ubuntu 18.04)

Because I will forget this. I guarantee it.

Creating a personal knowledgebase

I ended up just using Obsidian for this. 32 months later.

On starting a new decade

Open source software and tools I like

Some of these I use on a regular basis, others just caught my eye and I hope to tinker with them at some point.

Using a reverse proxy to provide a secure connection to a WordPress site

Hello Hugo