Creating a personal knowledgebase

I recently got this fleeting idea that I should probably start keeping a repository of all the little random tidbits of technical knowledge that I learn on a daily - mostly through reading blogs and doing stuff at work - as a way of remembering these things for future use/reference. The contents would range from code snippets, bash commands that I always seem to forget, definitions (glossary of terms), ideas, concepts, really just anything I thought useful at the time. But like I said, the idea was fleeting so I quickly forgot about it.

Today though, while reading an article on another personal blog that I found through hacker news, I stumbled upon an implementation of something similar to what I’d been contemplating, only better - in that it was real, was neatly organised, had a nice summary about why it existed, and brought to my attention what this sort of thing is called. A personal knowledge base. You can read all about PKBs here

Anyways, the personal knowledge base I saw, liked, and decided to shamelessly steal is this one: by Wesley Moore

Something that he mentioned in his summary of “Why this was created” that I really liked was this:

The idea is that each page doesn’t have to be a fully fledged tutorial or blog post. - Wesley Moore

This resonates with me because not every piece of information I come across warrants a fully fledged article. Most times a one liner, in and of itself, is enough. That’s especially true for serial procrastinators who have a habit of keeping blog drafts unpublished for months on end. The idea of jotting something down really quickly and moving on is quite appealing to me.