Move files and subdirectories using mv

mv /path/source_directory/* /path/target_directory/

Unzip ZIP file into another directory

unzip -o -d /path/target_directory/

Recover deleted text data/files

grep -a -C 200 'Unique string in text file' /dev/sdX > /mnt/c/Users/Welington/Downloads/recovered.txt

This will search partition sdX for data containing the unique string specified and write it to the file recovered.txt. Option -C 200 will include 200 lines before and after each match, while option -B 200 will only include the 200 before it.

Delete all files and directories except some

rm -rf !(*.png|.git|.gitignore|CNAME|.|..)

This deletes all files and directories in the path where it is executed save for the ones that match the identifiers enclosed in the parentheses. For this command to work though, you must enable Extended Pattern Matching first running shopt -s extglob